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Posted: January 1, 2013 by chocolatesandmedicines in Pinoy blogs
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Pag open ko ng Facebook ko last year, bigla ko lang nakita na kasali na pala ko sa isang group na NAGHAHATAK ng subscribers. They made the group to help people get hundreds or even thousands of subscribers. I don’t mind if these people have nothing to do but just try to have some friends but.. really? ‘Yung bigla ka na lang mag-add ng tao sa isang group na hindi naman niya ginusto.. nako. Seriously? Hehehe. Di ba nila alam na dyan POSIBLENG magsisimula ang mga RAPE at kung ano-ano pang krimen? Kasi ‘di mo naman sila kilala and nakita mo lang sa isang group.


Ang masasabi ko lang: Kung may gustong makipag-kaibigan, lalapitan ka niyan. Hindi mo kailangan ipilit ang puzzle piece na napulot mo lang.



New year’s eve nung nakita ko ‘tong trend na ‘to (#EliteFamily & #TheOMGFamily). Seeing their bios, they said na they’re elite and that they have the best or say, ‘hottest’ members from Twitter.

But you know, when you’re elite, you mingle with people in a different way. I just don’t think na binigyan nila ng justice ang definition ng word na “elite”. They had this search over Twitter for the empty slots and I think it’s nonsense.

@DJDijamco: People trend because of talent not because of being attention seekers. These people should know their place. – BOOM.


So you see, people? We don’t have to try hard, kung gusto ng iba, gusto nila. We shouldn’t force things, right? This time, I will say sorry, to these people, which I am addressing as famewhores. Our blog is just expressing what we feel about something. If your opinions are welcome, so is ours. Baka wala lang nakitang sense ‘yung mga tao at nag-trend ‘yun at naghatak ng fans, subscribers, whatever.


Ay basta, nakita ko na Twitter ni Moises. :> Ok na ko. 🙂 Hahaha.