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Our Grandparents: Heroes

Posted: December 1, 2012 by chocolatesandmedicines in Uncategorized
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Mom and dad would always leave me in the morning and up to now, I can still remember how I cry whenever they have to leave for work. My grandma is the one left to take care of me back then. I was very young, I never noticed how much she loved me. We were three kids back then and the usual thing happens. Mom and dad goes to work and leaves us all in grandma’s care.

I will never forget how grandma bought ice cream for me when we went to school and I cried because I am not immune to a big number of kids, playing around. I hate that kind of noise and grandma would always tell me “It’s okay, you can play with other kids after you eat your ice cream.”, which made me strong enough to know how to mingle. I graduated, and I learned how to draw sketches, sing and dance.. Those were the days when I noticed, grandma’s eyes were so proud.

Now, I’m 18 and grandma’s 86. She was in her 70’s when she began to forget names and things, while cooking, she forgot what she’s cooking and ended up inventing a new viand. She even prepared milk for my sister and put salt instead of sugar. Now, we have a kid in the house (adopted, since my aunt can’t have a baby) and she will play with her and later keep the kid’s toy in her closet. She had Alzheimer’s disease and we tried to cure her but we became  too busy to assist and grandma forgets the time she should take her medicines.

When grandpa died, her condition became worse. She drinks coffee as much as she wants in the morning only because she forgot that she had one already. She likes sausage, spam, eggs, lollipops, cotton candy, and sweets. And like a baby, we can’t let her go out anymore because she can’t find her way home. We started to lock our gates and have keys, so as to try not to let grandma out as much as possible. We really had a hard time looking for her several times. Her eyes were very sad now, and she always picks a fight with us. Nothing is more painful, seeing grandma in this condition.

It’s more painful to see that she’s waiting for her death. She hates how she forgets things and pity can’t get out of my heart. I love grandma, she’s my hero. We’ve been trying to protect her from harsh people outside but she won’t follow.. but we can’t afford to lock her in “chains”. We well never do that.. but I hope she understands that we love her this much, that’s why we can’t let her go by herself..


So if you still have your grandparents with you, tell them how much you love them before they forget your names. Never let a moment pass you by..