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I don’t feel that “HATE”.. There must be a better term for this feeling.. I’ll figure it out..


Constant change

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Hahaha! Nag-isip pa talaga ko ng matinding title.


Ang gusto ko lang naman talaga sabihin ay. . .


WORDPRESS! Para kang Facebook.


Yun na.

Little girls: Big boys. Proportional?

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So I know this fragile girl who had a boyfriend before, someone who had an exact age like her. She had three ex-boyfriends, and the other two are older guys, about 18-21.

She had the same case to that little girl I met in college who is a N.B.S.B.-wallflower. She’s not as fragile as the other one, she likes books, and loves school. They have a thing in common.. Yes, they like slash love older guys.


Knowing these two, the first girl had her family broken when she was in high school. She saw how her dad hit her mom and he was so drunk that time that he thought that our princess is his wife so he just threw her at the door like a little doll. The second girl have a cool family. But they just won’t allow her to have fun. The fun that she wants to experience. Like going out at night, having little drinks, etc. They had friends, but no matter how crazy they are, the heart keeps on searching for what is lacking in there.


I am not a psychologist, nor a mind reader. I just think that family problems give a big effect on a person’s mind and heart, wants and needs. People should try to improve themselves but I think I understand the girls who like older guys to take care of them like a brother and to protect them like a father.

Maybe (just maybe) we find the lost puzzle piece in other people’s company..

50 Shades Trilogy: 50 Shades Conceited

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Last Sunday, I asked a friend if she had any ideas on good reads. She had this look of a thinking reader and suddenly answered “Did you already read 50 Shades of Grey?”

Well, actually, I’m on the third book already which is 50 Shades Freed. Uh, though I’m not yet finished, I’m going to rate it a 3-star out of five.


Yes, we feel something “different” when we read those kind of novels. Sex is pulling all of it on us. Mr. Grey is a sadist who hates brunettes because of his so called “crack whore mom”. The good part of that trilogy is Grey’s history and how everything changed after Anastasia Steele; just think of a really good-looking CEO who changed his beliefs after the right woman came. But you know, still, it’s a common twist.

At the back of my mind, 50 Shades is everywhere. Some people didn’t read but posts one-liners or quotes from the book, which they had just read from the internet. 😀

When you ask someone about a good book, 75% percent will think, and the other 25 will suggest the 50 Shades of Fucked up :D, LOL. It becomes over -rated just because it’s about a BDSM relationship. Funny, how even high school kids try to fit-in with this topic.


I’m afraid, it will follow the steps of the fictional books about vampires and angels who fall in love with humans, and fight for their destiny. It’s like you’re in a bookstore and you will just ask yourself, “Is there something not related to the good-looking vampires?” or say “Is there something in here not related to BDSM relationship because I’m so sick of hearing 50 Shades everywhere?”


Our Grandparents: Heroes

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Mom and dad would always leave me in the morning and up to now, I can still remember how I cry whenever they have to leave for work. My grandma is the one left to take care of me back then. I was very young, I never noticed how much she loved me. We were three kids back then and the usual thing happens. Mom and dad goes to work and leaves us all in grandma’s care.

I will never forget how grandma bought ice cream for me when we went to school and I cried because I am not immune to a big number of kids, playing around. I hate that kind of noise and grandma would always tell me “It’s okay, you can play with other kids after you eat your ice cream.”, which made me strong enough to know how to mingle. I graduated, and I learned how to draw sketches, sing and dance.. Those were the days when I noticed, grandma’s eyes were so proud.

Now, I’m 18 and grandma’s 86. She was in her 70’s when she began to forget names and things, while cooking, she forgot what she’s cooking and ended up inventing a new viand. She even prepared milk for my sister and put salt instead of sugar. Now, we have a kid in the house (adopted, since my aunt can’t have a baby) and she will play with her and later keep the kid’s toy in her closet. She had Alzheimer’s disease and we tried to cure her but we became  too busy to assist and grandma forgets the time she should take her medicines.

When grandpa died, her condition became worse. She drinks coffee as much as she wants in the morning only because she forgot that she had one already. She likes sausage, spam, eggs, lollipops, cotton candy, and sweets. And like a baby, we can’t let her go out anymore because she can’t find her way home. We started to lock our gates and have keys, so as to try not to let grandma out as much as possible. We really had a hard time looking for her several times. Her eyes were very sad now, and she always picks a fight with us. Nothing is more painful, seeing grandma in this condition.

It’s more painful to see that she’s waiting for her death. She hates how she forgets things and pity can’t get out of my heart. I love grandma, she’s my hero. We’ve been trying to protect her from harsh people outside but she won’t follow.. but we can’t afford to lock her in “chains”. We well never do that.. but I hope she understands that we love her this much, that’s why we can’t let her go by herself..


So if you still have your grandparents with you, tell them how much you love them before they forget your names. Never let a moment pass you by..

One of the women

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This post is about a woman who just had sex.


We were talking on the bed while having rest. He told me about the things that he hates and the things that he’s not into, but not hate. I noticed that we have a lot of things in common, and I like the fact that we can talk, eat and have some drinks when we get tired. You know, a guy who wouldn’t care to talk to you is definitely NOT THE ONE.

We’re not lovers, we’re actually close friends. I like what he’s doing to me.. I’m on it. The pleasure being with him is undeniable. We can talk about random things, not just about sex. He can even look into my eyes, not just focus on my body. We laugh together.. you know, we get along so well.

The problem is ME. It happens most of the time, you know. I have this tantrums, it usually happens after sex. I feel lonely, depressed, even alone, sometimes. I feel like I’m not enough, low and not sexy. I don’t know.

Am I weird? 

Hush. . .

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I was in college when I read the following quotes:


Don’t mix between my personality and attitude, because my personality is ME and my attitude depends on YOU.


Don’t ever change yourself to adjust to people who don’t like you. For personality is not a theorem to be proven but a postulate to be accepted.


I was once a shadow of someone. I did everything to prove them that I am deserving to be theirs. My pride was so low that I had to swallow every bit of it, just to be loved. I was once her friend.. I was once  the one who stayed through “thick and thin”.

I didn’t manage to ask anything from her. I just stayed there to support her when her REAL FRIENDS are not there to watch her back. She was the sweetheart and the loveliest. Kind and understanding, I kept her and treated her as my sister.


But there is nothing that is constant in this world. Everything undergoes changes.. everyone experiences changes. Damn changes and screw me for trusting a “changed” person.


Dearest friend, why don’t we inform everyone of what you did? ‘Cause you know, a BETRAYAL of the dearest friend is the most flavorful scenario on Earth. Why don’t we tell ’em what you said about your “Friends”? Why can’t we just reveal you TRUE COLOR?

I am so disappointed to you and for myself. How did I ever do that?? To trust you? Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha. I don’t know why I haven’t learned from you.. from your stories about our FRIENDS and their dirty little secrets? Oh! Should I tell them what you said too?


Filthy Liar,  Filthy LIAR. Hush for you don’t know how bad WE can be. Forgive US because we will NEVER SAY SORRY. You don’t deserve this. You actually deserve worst than this. You think WE have no senses to detect how smelly you are, biatch? BE READY. YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR ENEMY.



So, HUSH my dear BACKSTABBER. One more fucking statement from you, and YOU WILL HEAR FROM US.