Little girls: Big boys. Proportional?

Posted: December 4, 2012 by chocolatesandmedicines in Uncategorized

So I know this fragile girl who had a boyfriend before, someone who had an exact age like her. She had three ex-boyfriends, and the other two are older guys, about 18-21.

She had the same case to that little girl I met in college who is a N.B.S.B.-wallflower. She’s not as fragile as the other one, she likes books, and loves school. They have a thing in common.. Yes, they like slash love older guys.


Knowing these two, the first girl had her family broken when she was in high school. She saw how her dad hit her mom and he was so drunk that time that he thought that our princess is his wife so he just threw her at the door like a little doll. The second girl have a cool family. But they just won’t allow her to have fun. The fun that she wants to experience. Like going out at night, having little drinks, etc. They had friends, but no matter how crazy they are, the heart keeps on searching for what is lacking in there.


I am not a psychologist, nor a mind reader. I just think that family problems give a big effect on a person’s mind and heart, wants and needs. People should try to improve themselves but I think I understand the girls who like older guys to take care of them like a brother and to protect them like a father.

Maybe (just maybe) we find the lost puzzle piece in other people’s company..


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