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Hush. . .

Posted: October 31, 2012 by chocolatesandmedicines in Uncategorized

I was in college when I read the following quotes:


Don’t mix between my personality and attitude, because my personality is ME and my attitude depends on YOU.


Don’t ever change yourself to adjust to people who don’t like you. For personality is not a theorem to be proven but a postulate to be accepted.


I was once a shadow of someone. I did everything to prove them that I am deserving to be theirs. My pride was so low that I had to swallow every bit of it, just to be loved. I was once her friend.. I was once  the one who stayed through “thick and thin”.

I didn’t manage to ask anything from her. I just stayed there to support her when her REAL FRIENDS are not there to watch her back. She was the sweetheart and the loveliest. Kind and understanding, I kept her and treated her as my sister.


But there is nothing that is constant in this world. Everything undergoes changes.. everyone experiences changes. Damn changes and screw me for trusting a “changed” person.


Dearest friend, why don’t we inform everyone of what you did? ‘Cause you know, a BETRAYAL of the dearest friend is the most flavorful scenario on Earth. Why don’t we tell ’em what you said about your “Friends”? Why can’t we just reveal you TRUE COLOR?

I am so disappointed to you and for myself. How did I ever do that?? To trust you? Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha. I don’t know why I haven’t learned from you.. from your stories about our FRIENDS and their dirty little secrets? Oh! Should I tell them what you said too?


Filthy Liar,  Filthy LIAR. Hush for you don’t know how bad WE can be. Forgive US because we will NEVER SAY SORRY. You don’t deserve this. You actually deserve worst than this. You think WE have no senses to detect how smelly you are, biatch? BE READY. YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR ENEMY.



So, HUSH my dear BACKSTABBER. One more fucking statement from you, and YOU WILL HEAR FROM US.




Posted: October 15, 2012 by chocolatesandmedicines in Uncategorized

So, tonight, I heard the story of Amanda Todd, a victim of bullying that led her to commit suicide.


Back then, I used to think that bullying is really cool.

The feeling is great, you feel big enough to step on to other kids who had no courage to defend themselves. You feel powerful and it’s like looking down on those people who have nothing but that awful face that cries every night. There was a winner inside you that the kid you used to make fun of is so affected and lonely and alone.. Bullying is cool.

But the story doesn’t end there. I guess, karma’s a bitch if you are. She said that revenge is best served cold.. you’ll realize at the end that she’s the one watching the whole scene, a voyeur at your suffering and laughing while you’re bleeding.


Karma and I had a match and she won.

I was wrong and I admit that. I was once the kid that made other kids run to their moms.. now, I am the lady who had no one to run to. Crying at night and thinking what made me deserve this treatment. No one likes me, and no one cared to give a hug. I am lucky enough that I have the best person in the world, my bestfriend (C) who never turned her back to me and never left. I am at least happy, that I can handle the pain..

I realized, bullying is not cool at all..


No matter how strong a person is, there is always that pain that he tries to fight and defeat. We are all in the same game, dealing with different devils and unfortunately, others aren’t making it.

So be a friend to someone right now. Others can’t really tell their story and rather keep it to their chests and deal with tears. That is normal.. all we can do is listen if they feel free to open up or just be there, and make them feel that they are not struggling alone.


Say NO to bullying and you’ll see, you’re making someone happy and the best part,  you’re saving a life. 🙂