Old Friend

Posted: September 23, 2012 by chocolatesandmedicines in Uncategorized

So.. this post is actually written by a friend. A close-friend, a sister, actually. This is all about her hatred towards the over-thinking-emotional-b*tch.


Dear KIDDO, 

So long since I loved you. So long since I cared.. I was always there, waiting for you to talk to me and share, but your actions did very well, they talked to me and showed the real YOU. You were so drunk at the morning of August, an event which made us closer and at the same time, made me hate you, a little. At that moment while you were helping the quiet boy in class, I was shouting at the back of my lobes “Who turned you into this?”…

A burning afternoon in October, you really messed up with me. I was trying to look, but I really can’t figure out why did you do such thing. So I decided to distance myself, to not talk to you everyday, just like what we had at June. It was hard to admit that i missed that.. not until that “naughty” night of November.

Drinks were on the floor and the quiet boy in class that you once flirted told me I was so white. He gave me a guitar, I tried to pluck though my head is spinning, and it was out of tune. I was there, trying to make everyone talk to me, because I missed them. The only person who I can’t talk to is YOU. I can’t bare to look any longer at you, touching the tall guy’s hair, kissing him in the middle of dawn and he, trying to reach your treasures. 

Everything that happened to you was told by everyone AROUND YOU. Stop blaming me, stop blaming everybody. Instead, you should START BLAMING YOURSELF for all of this crap going on is all your fault. You used to be sweetest girl ever, now, you’re the attention-seeker-wh*re. Sorry,  deserve that title. 

Whatever is your past, I don’t care. What I see is you, blaming other people and not dealing with the consequences of the past pictures you captured. I pity you.. SO MUCH.


’till next time, unless you SHUT UP,



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