10 Unreasonable Reasons

Posted: August 28, 2012 by chocolatesandmedicines in Uncategorized


Here’s to the girl who is a complete-hopeless-romantic. I wish you happiness, SOON.


It was a damp Thursday afternoon when I first tried to talk to someone like him. Of all the boys that gave me wrong impressions about love, sex, kisses and relationships, this man never gave a trace of doubt to me.

I tried to pick every reason why I like him so much. Every reason why I have sleepless nights and hundreds of butterflies in my stomach. Here we go:


10. The way he sends me a text message. It is unusual to me as I am not a phone-person, but I read every bit of conversation late at night when I’m still up. Every word said delivers a weird feeling.

9. The harmony of his voice that echoes in my head. The words he utter.. the sound of his breath.

8. His stories and secrets. His past and present. His favorites, and the fact that he hates ketchup and mayonnaise. His merits and demerits.

7. The way he eats his spaghetti and drinks his coke. The way he kissed me. His tongue invading mine.

6. When he drives his car together with me. I feel special, I feel his.

5. When he’s facing the mirror and his smile. His eyes staring at me when we talk.

4. His arms that embrace me, his skin brushing on mine. His’ body scent, so aromatic and love-potion-like. I can stay with him forever.

3. The day he thought me how thin and fine, the line between pleasure and pain is.

2. The bridge of his nose, the way he shuts down his eyes to sleep. I couldn’t sleep with him much longer because the  pleasure of watching him sleep is irresistible.

1. The way he lacks time to rest but found a time to be with me. His devotion to work and family. The undeniable fact that I can’t find any reason to lose him, ’cause he wouldn’t give one.


I can’t tell it all, but I tried to sum it up. I am aware of his busy lifestyle that I can’t act as his priority, but I can’t help it, I want him. No matter how time flies that I can’t have him with me, I will stay and wait, until he no longer wants me.

I don’t know if I am dumb enough or just kind to understand that we have no commitment and label but I know that I love him and I can’t find any reason to leave.

Maybe I love him so much. Maybe.

  1. bagotilyo says:

    Ang sweetng post n to :))

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