TITLE: Chocolates and Medicines

Posted: August 14, 2012 by chocolatesandmedicines in Uncategorized
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So, I was here, thinking of an interesting username for my blogging page. It was pretty hard because every name I type at the box is always used by other people so I am working my ass, hard enough just to think of an unusual username.

But I ended up with this common name, “chocolatesandmedicines”. I wonder why, but it is available so, I used it. I hate the way that I am thinking: Chocolates and Medicines are too mainstream. 


Chocolates. I know that everybody likes ’em (really?). They are sweet and after a minute of eating some, the feeling is amazing. The sudden happiness and good mood is there, unless you’re on teenage pregnancy. I like chocolates, just the right amount. Not too less, not too much for I’ll puke. But you know what? I like ICE CREAM more than how I love chocolates. Weird how it popped out of my mind first.

Medicines. They’re good for everybody, but not everyone likes ’em. When someone is in danger and in desperate need of a healthier state or say, coping up, surely, they need and WANT medicines. It doesn’t always taste good, although there are delicious vitamins and tasteless tablets, the thought of a person being sick and needing for medicine is sad and it makes the whole process of healing awful.


Today, I came to realize something..


Needs and wants are not the same. We may need something that we don’t like and on the other hand, we may like or have that want-feeling onto something that we actually don’t need.


Just like chocolates and medicines…


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